Castrum Felix: A fusion of elegance and urbanism

A while ago we found the inspiration to create Castrum Felix on top of a small mountain that stood on the outskirts of the city. That day we decided to take a walk before sunrise, looking for a panoramic view that would allow us to contemplate the sunrise over the horizon.

At the top of the mountain, with the fresh air caressing us and the ground still wet with the dew of the night, we witnessed how the Sun, in a bright red tone, began to slowly emerge from the horizon while its first rays played with the darkness of the night. But what captured our attention was the harmonious dance between the rising star and the imposing castle that was right in the center of the panorama.

As we watched our star gradually rise, the sky, which began with intense reddish tones, transformed into a palette of soft blues as the star continued its rise. And that was where an idea was born: Castrum Felix .

The changing colors, the elegance of the castle, the strength of our Sun and the urban environment in the background

The fusion between elegance and versatility, represented by the sun in its journey and the changing colors of the sky, the castle fortress that witnessed each sunrise and the panoramic view of the city, with its neighborhoods, its streets and its people, became the essence of what we wanted to convey.

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