Discover the secrets that make T24C a unique piece of watchmaking, from its skeleton to its artistic and philosophical meaning, gear by gear.


T24C is Castrum Felix 's first watch collection. Emerged from the need to create an accessory capable of fusing elegance, modernity and youthful vigor, this piece evokes the strength, character and security of its wearer thanks to its imposing dial, large and robust, and its comfortable silicone strap, able to withstand the long passage of time perfectly. The color combinations of each variant, carefully chosen, provide that touch of elegance that makes your wristwatch a totally distinctive piece.


T24C watches are equipped with specifications that expand the user experience. Before purchasing yours, we recommend that you understand its body and skeleton.

Let's start with the basics; The components of the collection are equipped with a battery prepared to last 2 to 3 years on average, have a quartz movement and are made of an alloy that shows excellent resistance to oxidation in slightly cyclic conditions.

Its strap, made of anti-allergic silicone, is practical, comfortable and resistant without sacrificing elegance and occupies a total of 25.5 cm long and 27 mm wide. It has two pins, also made of the same material, that facilitate its adjustment to any wrist and its buckle made of the same material as the case provides a refined touch that suits it wonderfully.

The case measures 48 mm wide and 12 mm deep, along with the strap the total weight is 126 g .

Furthermore, the dial is protected by a strong mineral crystal with extensive features such as anti-fingerprint , anti-flash and anti-scratch . It is highly resistant to shocks and its transparency reaches 99.99%.

On the dial we can find applications such as luminescent hands for those occasions with poor visibility, a chronograph with 3 dials that cover three different measurements of time: hours, minutes and seconds, and a small window that indicates the date.


There are five different variations of T24C , each one providing a different style and personality than the rest. The vibrant combination of colors in each of them makes them stand out above the rest while blending with the personality and character of their wearer. We invite you to explore the different styles that you will find in our catalog to find the one that best suits you.


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